Cascade of Sacrifices

by IM Miodrag Perunovic

Miodrag Perunovic square 2

As experienced teacher and site pro on former WorldChessNetwork, and now on WorldChessLive, IM Miodrag Perunovic has joined the Chessdom Online Chess Academy. He also wrote series of theoretical articles on Dragon Sicilian for “Chess Chronicle”. Drop us an email if you are interested in taking lessons from IM Perunovic.

Cascade of Sacrifices

This Caro-Kann line was very popular for almost 20 years… Karpov, Anand, Bareev and many others used to play this variation with Black pieces in the past. Why? Position is pretty solid, with healthy pawn structure and in most of lines game will be drawish. Practical results are also good for Black.

In short, White has to play very good to earn significant edge in this slightly better position. But this game will show you some important and amazing ideas which White have found lately! I decided to present you a game, played at the 2005 Russian Championship, between Landa and Shaposhnikov. Enjoy!